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Job search and interview prep

We are big believers in the saying, "Give a [wo]man a fish, and you feed h[er] for a day. Teach a [wo]man to fish, and you feed h[er] for a lifetime."

Our program teaches individuals how to search for jobs, find available resources, the importance of first-impressions, and various job application processes. The goal of this is to minimize the time between being released back to their communities and being hired for a long-term job.

For those interested, we offer advanced classes teaching Photoshop, Illustrator, and Microsoft applications to help equip graduates for office careers.

We also provide workshops which include customer service expectations, dressing-for-success, how to deal with stress, communication practices and work-place etiquette. The intent is to prepare individuals to be "hire-ready" and succeed immediately upon re-entering their communities.

Finally, we set aside days to "pound the pavement" with our graduates who are out looking for job. We literally walk with them, shoulder-to-shoulder, from store-to-store as they introduce themselves, and hand out resumes.

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