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What is the Poetry to Prison Pipeline

The Prison to Poetry Pipeline is a 15-20 week course in which incarcerated women learn safe and productive ways to utilize their voice through spoken word poetry and the different elements surrounding the art. 

What makes this course unique?

Through small class sizes, each instructor is able to create a safe environment where participants feel comfortable enough to explore different elements about themselves.

In a place where emotions are discouraged, we encourage each woman to tap into the spaces which lay dormant.

Each woman is given the opportunity to create her own stage name 

Tell me more about the showcase!!

Our poetry showcase is a confidence-building event set up for committed members of our program to exhibit their work in front of an approved audience. 

Showcases are a unique opportunity in correctional facilities because they have demonstrated to challenge comfort zones and empower individuals to take the next step forward in their lives. 

Each woman who participates in the showcase has the opportunity to display her talents and own the stage 

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