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We work non-stop.
If injustices don't stop, then neither do we. 

We go anywhere our women need us.
You need us? We're coming to you.

We provide genuine, efficient, custom care and solutions.
You need a ride to a sobriety meeting? We'll pick you up.
You don't feel safe and you need a place to stay?
We'll check you into a room tonigh
You need a job? We'll help with the resume and research.


Our flagship program, and how it all started.

This 15-20 week in-prison confidence building workshop draws women into our program, increases their confidence, empowers wellness, and lea
ds to goals and empowerment. 

Through small class sizes, each instructor is able to create a safe environment where p
articipants feel comfortable enough to explore different elements about themselves.

At the end of the workshop, we host a POETRY SHOWCASE event for our women to exhibit their work in front of an approved audience. 

Showcases are a unique opportunity in correctional facilities because they have demonstrated to challenge comfort zones and empower individuals to take the next step forward in their lives. 

Each woman who participates in the showcase has the opportunity to display her talents and own the stage 

It is not mandatory, but this is how most women enter our program, support structure, and long-term set of services.

From there, it is just the beginning:

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